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Warham Reading Room
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There are only a handful of Iron Age hill forts in Norfolk and Warham Camp is arguably the best earthwork of this period in the region.
Accessible to the public from the road south of the village (laden with blackberries and other hedgerow fruits at this time year), the earthworks of the fort are still impressive. Although once completely circular, the banks and ditches on one side are now cut by the River Stiffkey, the course of which was diverted in the eighteenth century.

Warham Reading Room


Warham is by no means a large village, but by an accident of ecclesiastical history it ended up with two substantial medieval churches. After the Reformation, the two Warham parishes were joined, and in 1960 the Diocese decided that henceforth All Saints, near the middle of the village, would alone hold services.
The battle for the life and return to use of St Mary Magdalen is detailed at the entry for that church, but nothing should take the shine off of All Saints, for it is a lovely village church in a splendid setting.

A new village centre for Warham
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In the last decade of the 19th century the Rector of Warham, the Reverend Charles Digby, decided that he would like to build a Reading Room for the use of the people of Warham.
The Reading Room was donated to the community in the 19th century. It is in urgent need of substantial refurbishment if it is to remain suitable for 21st-century use. Significant Lottery Funding has been secured to remodel and extend the building, to create an exciting and modern resource for the Village and the local community.